Thomas has finished his proton therapy, but his cancer journey is not over. We hope that we will only have good news to report from now on, but the future is uncertain. Your messages have kept us going and we are so grateful for them.

At this watershed in Thomas’ treatment we wanted to say a few special thank you’s to those people who have helped us, particularly with the American trip.

  • Our parents and brothers and sisters
  • Dan & Sarah, Thomas’ Godparents
  • Mersey medical benevolent fund
  • Royal medical benevolent fund
  • Dave Graham
  • Nycke White, Pam Cannon, Sameer Keole and everyone in Oklahoma’s Procure
  • Robyn Goggs
  • Mary, Noreen, Doug & Kathy (our USA family)
  • The Lucas family in Chicago
  • Maureen Lucas (Maria Eagle MP’s constituency wizard!)
  • Tracey Fleming and all at Village Surgery Garston

A website from us would not be complete without something to be amused at. So here is the list of those organisations who really didn’t help much, despite us asking!

  • American Airlines
  • Vodafone

Send us a message of support

Please continue to send Thomas your messages of support using the comments feature at the bottom of this page.


Use the Subscribe feature on the right to be updated when we add to this site.


If you like the idea of supporting charities then the 3 charities below have provided us with emotional and practical support over the last few months.



55 Responses to Support

  1. Victoria Nye says:

    What a brave family you are. I wish Thomas luck for tomorrow. My thoughts & prayers are with you.
    Vicky (a friend of Sarah’s).

  2. Emma Ford says:

    I was at med school with you all- in Sarah’s year- and saw a link to here on Facebook as I am now in Oz.
    What amazing parents you are!
    If there is any financial or practical support that may help then please let us know. I will be praying for all,

    All my love and every blessing,


  3. Amanda Baker says:


    I am a nurse working with Sarah in Upton Group – I have chatted with Sarah about Thomas and she kindly updates me weekly.Although I don`t know you all you have been in my thoughts.
    Good Luck for today – my son has been and still is under the care of Alder Hey – Keep going, don`t look back – you are doing a fantastic job .

  4. sarah druett says:

    Good luck today TT – we are are thinking and praying for you.

    Love you, Sarah, Nick and Cousin Ollie

  5. Laura & Andy Cunnane says:

    Dearest Becca, Ted & Thomas,
    Followed the link from Mark’s FB page – we too are in Oz and really had no idea that the three of you were going through such terrible tough times. I’m a new mummy and our daughter Layla was born on the 20th January. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. It has also brought to light that in this life we stress and worry about the most ridiculous small stuff day-to-day…we should all look around us and be eternally grateful for what we do have. Our love to you all xxx Lau, Andy & Layla xxx

  6. Cressida Chester-Towler says:

    To Becca, Ted and Thomas,

    We have only met you once at Sarah & Nick’s wedding, we are great friends of their’s from university.
    We have only just heard today about Thomas’ very sad illness.
    We just wanted to wish you all the best with the operation today, we will have everything crossed for you.
    Our hearts go out to you, in our thoughts and prayers
    Keep strong.
    Much love
    Cressida & Tolly x

  7. Belinda Lewis-Jones says:

    What lovely photos of you all – such a gorgeous little man.
    I hope the surgery went well and he is making a good recovery.
    You’re amazing parents- doing a great job through an unimagineably hard times.

    Thinking of you all. Love and prayers

    Bel, Jules and George

  8. Lucy Brown says:

    I hope it goes well today, this website is a wonderful way of sharing your news with us all, and helps us to begin to comprehend what you are all going through. Our prayers are with you
    loads of love and huge hugs
    Lucy, Nick, Paddy and George x

  9. Kevin Anakwe & Louise Barker says:

    Ted, Becca and Thomas,
    We are really sorry to hear about what you guys are going through. We’d been utterly in the dark up here in Yorkshire and are amazed by the spirit and strength that you’re showing. You’re all in our prayers and we hope that today has gone well.
    Good luck and lots of love,
    Kevin, Lou, Alex and Erin.

  10. ted cox says:

    Thanks for making it easy for us all to stay up to date via the new website!
    I am familiar with the first class neurosurgery dept at U of F, having taken a temporal bone dissection course there about 20 years ago with Dr Al Rhoton. While I am not familiar with the proton beam unit there, I frequently attended grand rounds at Mass
    General Hospital in Boston, where one of the first two such units in the country was much in use by Dr Djelberg, especially for pituitary tumors. So I have an understanding of how this can be used to release most of the energy of a radiation beam at a short distance along the radation beam rather than equally all along the beam as with conventional RT.This offers important advantages in sparing adjacent tissue. When I was in practice the availability was very restricted by the presence of only two such units in the USA.
    Good luck with this next step in treatment.
    Best wishes always,

  11. Kirt says:

    Been thinking about you all day today, good to hear that Thomas is out of theatre. I will keep everything crossed for you. I know I don’t get round to see you all often, but rest assured you are always in my thoughts. My Mum sends her love and best wishes.

    Big love to all of you

  12. Paul Westhead says:

    Good luck to the (soon to be) four of you!

    Best wishes & thoughts,

  13. Lorraine Descallar says:

    Dear Ted, Becca and Thomas,
    I’m another Liverpool grad, a few years behind you. I know you both by name and sight, but I never had the pleasure of working with you.
    I found out about Thomas’s condition today from Sandra. As the mother of a 14 month old (also called Thomas), my heart goes out to you. I wish you every love, prayer, good luck and medical magic that you need to get through this.
    I’m now based in the USA, in California. If there is anything I can help you with State side, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    You are in my thoughts,

  14. Vicky Bond says:

    What a beautiful and brave boy Thomas is, you must be so proud of him. I can’t even begin to imagin how difficult this is for you two. Every one here at Clinical Skills sends there love and best wishes. Having such loving parents has made your lovely boy the brave little bundel of fun he is. Having you two at his side will make all the differnce.

  15. Jen and Ayo says:

    Dear Becca, Ted, and Thomas,
    We were so sad to hear about all you’ve had to go through recently and have read a little about your journey so far on this site.
    All our hopes and prayers are with you and we hope that this most recent op will prove to be successful.

    Lots of love
    Jen and Ayo

  16. Artemis Chanter says:

    Thinking of all of you and praying for the recovery of your gorgeous, brave little Thomas. I am in awe of your courage and hope with all my heart that the surgery went well.

    Much love,
    Artemis xxx

  17. David and Mary Ankers says:

    Dearest Becca, Ted and Thomas,

    We are all thinking of you at the moment. We can’t imagine what you must be going through but if you need anything just let us know anytime.

    Lots of love and best wishes,
    David, Mary and Benjamin

  18. Mike Daly says:

    Hi Becca, Ted & Thomas

    Thinking of you all during these difficult times. Wishing you all the best for the days and months ahead. Stay strong. Can’t wait to meet you all and be part of the family !

    Mike (Rachel’s Mike šŸ™‚

  19. Ted Cox says:

    I’ve been trolling through the website for the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute ( and found it very informative and helpful. The site gives a good picture of the ethos of the place, as well as extensive info on housing possibilities,etc. They are running clinical trials of proton therapy for malignant pediatric brain tumors. The pediatric neurosurgeon at U of Florida has recently published their experience with treatment of ependymoma, but this is mostly based on pre-proton beam treatment. I hope to contact Dr. Paul Chapman at Mass General Hospital in Boston, whom I know from my own neurosurgery days in the Boston area, who now heads the proton beam unit there, after reading a 2010 report of their experience with anaplastic ependymoma, to see what his most recent experience has been.

  20. Vanessa Barnicoat (Thomson-Glover) says:

    praying and thinking of you all
    love david t-g, sam & vanessa

  21. Mark, Elly, Alice and Edward Wordsworth says:

    Dear Becca, Ted and Thomas,
    We are thinking and praying for you all . What a fantastic idea the website is, although controling ones emotions whilst typing this is not easy !
    Looking forward to many more giggle sessions with Thomas, like at Christmas .
    Be strong.
    With lots of love from us all .

  22. Carolina Ledsam (Fernandez) says:

    Dear Ted, Becca & Thomas,

    Just found this link through FB and have been reading all the content in shock, at all you have had to go through in such a short time, especially little Thomas. Please be assured of my prayers for him and for you all as a family, and thank you for keeping us updated through this website.

    Lots of love

    Carolina Ledsam (used to be Fernandez, year above Ted at LMSS!)

  23. leonie and gabriel summers says:

    sending all our good wishes and hoping thomas will be at home soon playing with the bath set we sent! we love the web site and especially the wonderful photos of thomas, what a lovely little chap he is, best wishes, gabriel and leonie summers ( Kitten’s cousin)

  24. Lisa Stone and Family says:

    Dear Becca, Ted & Thomas,
    Sending all our love and thoughts from London. Lovely pictures and videos. You are amazing!
    The Stone Family

  25. Kate and Dave says:

    Thinking of you all at this time. KJ has been keeping us updated with how Thomas is getting on. Hope you’re all ok, it must be so tough. Lots of love Kate and Dave x

  26. Jane Lefever (nee Henry!) says:

    Dear Becca, Ted and Thomas

    What an amazing family! He’s such a gorgeous boy and you both seem to have such strength and spirit. We are thinking of you often during this unimaginably emotional time, this site is fantastic. We hope that the Proton therapy is approved and works wonders.

    With lots of love and prayers,

    Jane, Andy and Edward xxx

  27. Angela Gupta (Kelly) and Deepak Gupta says:

    Dear Becca and Ted

    We have just found out about Thomas via your website. We cannot begin to imagine what you are all going through. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    Love and best wishes

    Angela, Deepak & Anisha xxxxxx

  28. leonie and gabriel summers says:

    Weare doing Race for life for thomas, follow us!

    Show your support on Leonie Summers’s page now.

  29. Helen Cooper says:

    Dear Becca, Ted and Thomas

    I was so shocked and sad to hear about Thomas’s recent struggles. Rachel has been keeping me posted on his progress. I can’t believe how amazingly strong you have been through this tough time.
    My thoughts and well wishes are with you all, and I’m keeping everything crossed in the hope that the treatment is successful… and for baby Adams number 2!
    Stay strong, all my love
    Helen Cooper xxx

  30. Natalie Mason says:

    Dear Ted, Becca and Thomas,

    I was in Liverpool Medical School a few years behind you. I found this website through Liz Mercer’s facebook page and was terribly saddened to hear your news. It is a lovely site and a great tribute to you all. I just wanted to wish you all the best with Thomas’s treatment and the new baby and I hope you get some good news soon.


  31. Belinda Lewis-Jones says:

    Hi Becca & Ted
    I’m glad to hear that the PCT are going to contribute towards the delivery of Thomas’ little sibling – good luck with it all. And fingers crossed you get the go ahead for the proton therapy soon -all this waiting must be so difficult for you.
    Just to let you know I am going to run the Race for Life for you all in Battersea next week – not been running for a few months so it maybe more of a stroll!
    thinking of you all
    love and hugs

  32. Melissa Ellis says:

    Dearest Becca, Ted and Thomas,
    I’m so sorry to hear what a horrid time you’re all going through. You all sound increadibly brave and I hope you are off to the States soon. Will keep everything crossed and hope Belinda runs really fast round Battersea Park!
    Much love,
    Mel (P-P) and Big Tom xxx

  33. Emma, Ellen and Neil says:

    Dearest Thomas, Becca and Ted,
    Know that you are in our thoughts every day.
    Good luck toThomas with all his treatment, and to you Becca
    with the delivery. We look forward to seeing you all when
    Thomas has recovered!
    Lots of love Emma, Ellen and Neil xx

  34. Angelia says:

    I came across your article and wanted you to know – you are not Alone! My son was diagnosed May 22,2010 at 8 months old. We too went to Jacksonville for proton and I run a support group of over 200 families with children effected by ependymoma.

    Please feel free to call or write –

    God Bless!
    Angelia m/o Baby Nicholas

  35. Sean Wallace says:

    Dear Becca and Ted
    I was saddened to hear about Thomas’ illness. He looks to be a beautiful little boy full of character. Both Karolina and I just wanted to say hello and let you know that we are thinking of you all. The web-site is a great idea and a testament to your resourcefulness and love.

    (Got my running shoes back on this morning and have signed up for the Oslo marathon later this year in an effort to raise some funds/support. Planning to do the second on a skateboard/bicycle/motorbike/camel…)

    Sean and Karolina

  36. Persia Waldock says:

    Dear Ted, Becca & Thomas,

    I came across your news as a Facebook link. This isn’t meant to happen to people one knows……….what a shock. Your website has given me a fraction of an idea of what you’re all going through. Heartbreaking.

    Your strength is inspiring; our hopes and prayers are with you. I hope each day brings you something positive, and something you can smile and laugh about.

    All the very best

    Persia & Nick

  37. Belinda Lewis-Jones says:

    Great news you’ve got the go ahead – good luck with the packing!
    I made it round the 5k this evening – so picture and money heading your way soon.
    Thinking of you all loads and really hoping the treatment is a success
    B x

  38. Anthony and Patricia Shillington says:

    Mary and Jonathan have told us about Thomas and we are donating Ā£25 by bank transfer in the hope that it will bring you a step closer to the happiest of outcomes.
    All best wishes, Anthony and Patricia Shillington

  39. Nick & Julia Radcliffe (and Ruth!) says:

    Ted, Becca and Thomas

    It was great to meet you on the ward (although we wish it were in different circumstances), having last met Ted in 1999 on the LMSS production of Grease!

    I’m so glad to have found this blog after stumbling across the Merseymart article. We’ve been wondering where things are up to with Thomas, and will follow your progress, keeping you in our prayers.

    (written from a noisy oncology ward this evening!)

  40. Josie and Stu says:

    Hi Ted, Becca and Thomas. I’ve heard about your situation through my friend Kathryn who goes to Church with Sophie Nelson and obviously have fond memories of Ted from uni doing the musicals and also doing our obs and gynae job together. I was so upset to hear about Thomas and would have liked to get involved in the fundraising but see I have arrived on the website a bit late so have just made a small contribution to your bank acocunt instead. All the luck in the world for everything over in the USA, we will be thinking of you. With Love, Josie Jevons-Hurst and her husband Stu.

  41. caroline gee says:

    Good luck all of you. My thoughts are with you. Thomas is a little cracker- fingers crossed xxx

  42. Geoff, Rebecca, Ben and Mary Core says:

    Dear Becca, Ted and Thomas,
    We have been getting updates from Margaret and you have all been very much in our thoughts and prayers. We are delighted to have finally found your wonderful blog that has enabled us to get more details and see all your wonderful pictures and letters. Thomas is most fortunate to have such brave, strong and positive parents! Keep up the good work! And please do avoid the tornadoes!!
    We are all sending you much love and lots of positive vibes across the Atlantic!
    Geoff, Rebecca, Ben and Mary. xxxxxx

  43. Dr & Mrs F J Nye says:

    We heard about you via the LMI message, and found your story very moving. You will be in our thoughts and prayers, and we’ve sent a small (electronic) donation.
    Fred Nye.

  44. Alex Kent says:

    Dear Ted, Becca & Thomas,
    I am so sorry to hear what you all are going through, but so glad that you have made it to the US to get the best possible treatment. Our thoughts are with you and we will endeavour to raise some funds to support you through this. Our daughter has taught us that children are amazingly resilient.
    Love to all.
    Alex, Phil & Isabella

  45. caroline gee says:

    Hi you guys, I hope things are going well. I am really sorry that I missed out on the fundraising but I have made a donation into the ” Becca delivery/ Thomas ” fund today. My love to you all- Caroline XXX

  46. Lida Cook says:

    Dear Becca, Ted & Thomas,

    Anna-Louise updated me on your news since the last time I saw you was at her wedding. I am so sad to hear what you all have been going through, most of all Thomas. But reading through all the blogs/posts, yours is a story of love, strength and determination to fight for Thomas; a story of hope – hang in there! And also Becca, good luck with the birth of “bump Number 2”!

    Sending you all our love and you are in our prayers.

    Lida & Adam (Anna’s Usherette) xxxxx

  47. Rich & Lindsey Dawson says:

    Dear Ted, Becca and Thomas,
    Who you sat next to at Anna & Geoff’s wedding is probably not top of things to remember right now, but we remember having a great night chatting to you guys and we were incredibly moved to hear from Anna about Thomas’ bravery. Anyway, we wanted to let you know were were thinking of you all and wish you all the very best. We added a small amount to the fund in the hope of making your time in the US a little easier.
    Love and best wishes,
    Rich & Lindsey Dawson

  48. Helen says:

    Becca-you used to baby sit for us in Parsons Green so you may remember us! My daughter Amanda is a great friend (and near neighbour)of Sarah’s and her Thomas is friends with Sarah’s Ollie.. We had a wondersful ‘balloon’ walk yesterday in Thomas’ honour along the River Thames yesterday to Barnes and then some amazing fund raising events with your Dad as a great auctioneer-quite a challenge when there were more babies than bidders!I will donate direct to your account as the KidsnCancer website donation page is not working today. Very good luck to all 3 of you.I think of you a lot.
    Helen Pennant -Rea

  49. says:

    Dear Thomas, Adam and Becca
    I came across your website and as a family we have been so moved by the strength and grace your family have shown under such difficult circumstances, We pray that your beautiful little boy is blessed with a full recovery with as little discomfort to both him and you as possible and that your new baby is delivered safely god willing.
    Our thought and prayers are with you
    Charlie Sanders, Usman Farooq and family xxx

  50. Rachel( & Oliver Waterbabies) says:

    Hi Becca,Ted,Thomas and bump!
    We were at Waterbabies today and we were all talking about you and wishng you well.Sarah and Rose were there with the new addition to the family!Baby Hudson only 4 days old and Sarah looks amazing!!!!!I have been following your journey and read the newsapaper but have only just logged on to the website tonight and have been reading your diary which has touched me so much.I just want you to know that we are thinking of you and you are in our prayers,

    Lots of love and great big hugs to Thomas
    Rachel,Stuart & Oliver xxxxxxxx

  51. Rachel Brown says:

    Dear Becca,Ted,Thomas and bump!!!
    We have been at Waterbabies today and we have all been asking about you.Sarah and Rose were there with the new addition to the family!just 4 days old and Sarah looks amazing!!!!,I have only just logged on to the website and your diary to Thomas has touched me deeply,I cant even begin to imagine what you have been through but reading that has given me an insight.You are always in our thoughts and prayers and we look forward to the day when we can swim together again and see Thomas’ cheeky face in the pool,

    Lots of love and a big hug from Oliver to Thomas

    From Rachel (Waterbabies) xxxxxx

  52. Jo Stucke says:

    Hi Ted, Becca, Thomas and Bump,
    I worked with Ted at the SHA and heard about everything from Jill Cooper. I want to wish you all the best of luck with everything in Oklahama. Although its not much, I’ve made a donation to Ted’s account and hope that it will help in some way.
    Lots of Love
    Jo Stucke (was Strauss!)

  53. Katie, Joe and Isabella Joseph says:

    MANY CONGRATS on the new arrival Ted and Becca! Wonderful news Thomas now has an ickle brother to keep an eye on! Am well impressed with how radiant you look in the pics Becca for a lady thats just had a baby- i looked like rubbish in all mine!! I’m sure theres going to be plenty of fun ahead for those two! Sending you much love and best wishes from humid and stormy London!
    Katie, Joe and Izzy

  54. Janice Kohn says:

    I, too, have gone through a long cancer journey. Did you know about the Caring Bridge site? It is made just for stories like yours! Here is the link, please check it out and make a story!
    Best of luck, Janice

  55. Hi from sunny Manchester
    Ted, you were missed at the Leading Together get together. I was inspired by your bravery as a family and want to help with the fundraising,. being positive is so important and you have been through so much. Great news about the new baby and the progress that Thomas is making. If there is anything I can do to support you when you get back let me know.
    Best wishes
    Shelly Rubinstein

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