A reprieve

Scan ok, no great big recurrence. There is a bit of something on the scan that people aren’t sure about, but hopefully it will all boil down to surgery, or therapy or something along those lines. Hopefully caused by one of the things that Thomas has had to deal with in the last nine months, but not a reoccurrence of his cancer. We can breath a sigh of cautious relief, and contemplate the next scan in two months’ time. Every time Thomas has a test we are going to be nervous, but we are taking it one day, one scan at a time.


About thomasgwynadams

Thomas Adams was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumour called an anaplastic ependymoma. This blog tells his ongoing story and struggle against cancer.
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13 Responses to A reprieve

  1. Geoff, Rebecca, ben and Mary says:

    Keep up the good work! Thank you for the updates! We think of you all lots! Lots of love Geoff, Rebecca, Ben and Mary xxxx

  2. Lucy Brown says:

    Great news, I have been thinking of you all week.
    Love Lucy x

  3. Belinda Lewis-Jones says:

    Great = I’ve been thinking of you all loads – glad that the scan news is ok. Fingers crossed for the next one.
    lots of love B xx

  4. Sally Adams says:

    So no champagne quite yet, must tap with more concentration. Love mum

  5. Mary Shillington says:

    Good job Thomas, keep it up. Love to you allxxx

  6. Maureen Lucas says:

    Great news. i have been thinking of you all week.


  7. Jessica Chaney says:

    That’s fantastic news, really positive. Do hope you feel able to exhale, till the next scan at least. So much love and congratulations and admiration for everything you’ve all gone through Xxxx

  8. Hannah Erlichman says:

    So pleased to hear the good news. xx

  9. Connie hammock says:

    Hope that all is well with the family, we miss u all our thoughts and prayers are with u. Please give Thomas and Evan a kiss from me

  10. Annie & Stanley says:

    Nice one Thomas, hold the line little guy. Love to all the family xx

  11. Daniel Vernon says:

    Fantastic news, we’ve all been keeping our fingers crossed. Best wishes to you all.
    Dan, Lisa, Adam & William

  12. Toria W says:

    Great news – Been thinking of you all lots and will keep everything crossed for the next one. Much love to you all xx

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