Treatment is finished

Thomas has finished his proton therapy and “graduated” from the Oklahoma proton centre yesterday in a little ceremony over lunch. Ted had to give Thomas’ acceptance speech as “car” and “lorry” might not have quite got over what we wanted to say! The graduation was a way to acknowledge what each patient has been through in their treatment and for us it was an opportunity for us to say thank you to the staff at the Proton centre for looking after us so amazingly well. American hospitality, particularly in the mid-west, which prides itself on how friendly people here are, was in no short supply and we were able to thank those who epitomised what friendly means. Would “graduation” have worked in the UK? Well maybe, but it would have needed some changes, but only because everyone would have felt so awkward (in true British fashion) talking about what is a pretty emotional thing!

We have a few days here now, to collect our thoughts, work out how many extra bags we need to buy in order to bring the sheer volume of cars that Thomas seems to have acculumated and to see a couple of the sights here. Up until now we haven’t had a chance to see much. So tomorrow, Evan allowing with his somewhat erratic sleeping habits, we are off to the National Cowboy Museum – well what else would you expect in Oklahoma!

Thomas' graduation cetificate and the Procure coin


About thomasgwynadams

Thomas Adams was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumour called an anaplastic ependymoma. This blog tells his ongoing story and struggle against cancer.
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5 Responses to Treatment is finished

  1. Geoff, Rebecca, ben and Mary says:

    Delighted that Thomas’s treatment is complete! Well done! We hope you have a well deserved happy few days soaking in the Oklahoma culture! You are all very much in our thoughts! Xxxxx

  2. Sophia Nelson says:

    Fantastic – well done Thomas – and Ted and becca too! Looking forward to seeing you all soon, loads of love – enjoy your few days sightseeing and safe trip home xxx Soph and Ian

  3. Annie Atkins says:

    Such good news – I love the ‘distinguished’ flourish x

  4. Rachel Hughes says:

    So pleased that the treatment has finished. Have a fantastic few days enjoying the sights, good luck with the journey home. We have all missed you and look forward to giving you a big hug once your back xx

  5. KJ says:

    A graduation!!!??? How American! I’m feeling all uncomfortable and British thinking about it.
    Delighted that the therapy is all completed – seems like ages since you went out there (although I am sure at times it has felt even longer to you). Can’t wait to meet the new American Adams and also to see T. Let us know when you are heading home – very excited!!!!!
    KJ xxxx

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