Chicago 2

A healthy meal at one of Chicago's eateries

Thomas has had two treatments now in Chicago. The guys at Procure in Chicago and the staff who’ve come with us from Oklahoma are doing their level best to look after us whilst we are in a strange town but familiarity and routine have always been good for Thomas so Ted is certainly “bonding” with Thomas at present!

The photo is Thomas at Portillos which is a well known Chicago eatery. It was probably a good thing that Becca was 700 miles away with supper that Thomas ended up having. French fries anyone?!

The Oklahoma cyclotron still isn’t fixed. Apparently, there is a beam, but its not coming out of the cyclotron into the rooms. Its pretty technical and none of us are in a position to offer any tips I don’t think!

We’ve had Becca’s mother and father staying, together with Thomas’ Godmother, Sarah, last week. Kitten is with Becca, but Sarah and Mickey have gone home. It was so lovely to have them and we are sorry to see them go. Mickey took the train from Oklahoma to Fort Worth to get his plane home and this is what he wrote about his train ride…..

“The best bit of the journey was the train, a proper one with a huge diesel engine, luggage room, two guards dressed in smart livery with peaked cylindrical hats and all the bells and whistles particularly the whistle which it blew throughout the journey. It toots a warning every time it crosses a road or track of which there must be several hundred between Oklahoma and Fort Worth. It does sound like the ones on the movies, a slightly discordant chord perhaps tooted on a fifth, I discussed it with a musician on the plane. Strangely not much used by people as it was fairly empty, most people I suppose just fly automatically or drive. You get a very good view from the raised carriage above the room with your luggage which you reach by a small staircase. The seats are wide and generous for leg room, enough to carry holsters on both sides of your belt with pistols loaded and a rest for your boots so no need to take off your spurs. The journey must be 200 miles and you go a stately pace with a bit of clanking with about five stops in small towns, and a slowing down for any of the long freight trains. The side of the track is surprisingly wooded for much of the way, I suppose the land belongs to the rail road company and has returned to its native state rather than pasture. We rattled along beside rivers with red rock beds and where it was wooded I saw deer and even a family of wild boar (hogs?)scuttling away into the undergrowth, and lots of buzzards and kites. The announcements for the next station are not automated, thank goodness ‘Now I do not believe that any of you folks are getting off at Purcell and just should be a few getting on there so we’ll hold on for two minutes there and so don’t you wander far but time for a cigarette.'”


About thomasgwynadams

Thomas Adams was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumour called an anaplastic ependymoma. This blog tells his ongoing story and struggle against cancer.
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One Response to Chicago 2

  1. Caroline gee says:

    Ted you have the potential to be a train spotter. We are moving to Lancashire and have trains there too- although not like that one admittedly Congratulations on Evan x

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