Hello Chicago!

Do you ever get that feeling that someone wants to make life just that little bit more difficult than it was?! The Oklahoma cyclotron is broken, hopefully temporarily. Yesterday evening a group of 4 children, parents, another adult patient and the lovely Pam, who is one of the nurses at Procure in Oklahoma, whom Thomas loves, left Oklahoma City for Chicago to begin what we hope will be only a few days of treatment here, before returning.

Thomas is sleeping his late night off, whilst Ted unpacks as it was too late last night when we got in. Becca, Evan, Sarah and Kitten remain in Oklahoma City, willing the engineers on to getting the cyclotron fixed soon, so that we can go back to what we’ve got used to calling home.

The hotel is in the middle of a motorway junction with no supermarket or restaurant in sight, so tonight Ted and Thomas will be dining courtesy of www.takeouttaxichicago.com unless someone comes up with a better plan…..but before we hit the takeout taxi we are off for a bit of proton therapy later this afternoon.


About thomasgwynadams

Thomas Adams was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumour called an anaplastic ependymoma. This blog tells his ongoing story and struggle against cancer.
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2 Responses to Hello Chicago!

  1. phil stanley says:

    I am a friend of Kittens from Brambletye days… I am THINKING of you and Thomas v v hard and wish you all the best and hoping the engineer from belgium gets going quickly on fixing Oklahoma …. phil stanley … p.s.hope you liked the restaurant ? !

  2. Flora Roberts & family says:

    Dear All,
    I am sorry to hear that Thomas and Ted are in Chicago – our usual stomping ground – while I am so far away (in Tajikistan) and unable to help. However, we do have many very kind and dear friends in Chicago, especially in the Hyde Park area (South Side of Chicago), so please do let me know if there is anything that can be done to make your lives easier while you are there. Which hospital in Chicago is Thomas being treated in?
    I really want to put you in touch with some of our friends in Chicago – who at the very least would be able to show Ted and Thomas a nice time at the weekend, as a distraction from the treatment – what is the best way to contact you? I would love an email address or mobile phone number for Ted, to pass on to some of our friends in Chicago, who have young children and would surely love to meet Ted & Thomas.

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