Evan is at “home”

We left the hospital late last night after a rather prolonged (3 hours) discharge – some of which was taken up with watching an American lady on a DVD tell us how to look after our American child. You’ll be pleased to know that its not that different from looking after a British child! We were told that we made the discharge more difficult by being British! We hasten to add that we weren’t being difficult, although we did have to put out foot down when Evan disappeared for another barrage of unnecessary tests for over an hour! For the national childbirth trusters out there, the USA is a whole new battlefield. But we are “home.” Its 100 degrees outside and the air conditioning is going strong inside. Evan, Becca and Thomas are asleep and the world is at peace….for now!


About thomasgwynadams

Thomas Adams was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumour called an anaplastic ependymoma. This blog tells his ongoing story and struggle against cancer.
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18 Responses to Evan is at “home”

  1. Mark and Josie says:

    He’s beautiful – well done!

  2. Annie Atkins says:

    You all look to be taking this remarkably in your stride, not least young Evan. Really lovely news, and gorgeous snaps of you all together, many, many congratulations.

    Annie xx

  3. Amy says:

    Wowee, what brilliant news. He is absolutely gorgeous and extremely handsome. We’re thrilled that everything went so smoothly and can’t wait to meet the new mouse when you get back. I hope that T likes his new bro and is being very good at looking after him.

    Sending you all our love as always, Amy and James xxx
    p.s. Evan is a really cool name too.

  4. Anna-Louise Nichols says:

    He’s gorgeous!! Congratulations. So pleased for you both. Looking forward to catching up properly. lots of love Anna & Geoff xx

  5. Jo and Ed says:

    Congratulations! Evan looks gorgeous, just like the rest of you.

    Sending lots of Love,

    Jo and Ed xxxx

  6. Gaz says:

    Congratulations guys, just make sure the kids don’t pick up that american accent, Ted go ‘Full Taff’ to combat it

  7. Liz Mercer says:

    Congratulations to all of you- Evan is gorgeous. Lovely to see you all together.
    Hope Becca is recovering well, and Thomas is enjoying his new brother.
    All the best
    Liz, Simon and Harry Mercer

  8. Toria W says:

    Congratulations to you all! Fantastic news. He looks gorgeous. Hope the DVD has proved useful!!
    Lots of love to you all
    Toria xxxx

  9. deirdre o'donnell says:

    Congratulations guys! I think Evan looks like his big brother already! The lady on the baby video looks kind of stern and scary for a baby doctor – avoid her, and go to Auntie Sarah instead, who I believe is over with you just now. Best of luck.

  10. Liz Anderson says:

    Wow – huge congratulations and I’m so glad you are all well and ‘home’ together. Well done everyone. I thought you knew it was a Jemima?! I like Evan though – unusual and delightfully Welsh. We’re all thinking of you here. Any news on when you might get to come home home?
    Lots of love
    Liz, Gerry and Arwen

  11. Aynsley says:

    I am so pleased for you all, another little boy for Thomas to play with. he is beautiful, hopefully you will be home soon 😀 Aynsley, Ste and girls xx

  12. Beth says:

    Good luck with having a yank in the family.

  13. Helen Moore says:

    Massive congratulations to you all!! I’m pleased to see you all looking well in the photos, and doesn’t Evan look the picture of Thomas as a newborn!!

    Lots of love

    Helen xxx

  14. Gillian, Chris, Hannah and William says:

    Beautiful photos xx Lots of love and sleep-filled nights!

  15. Sophia Nelson says:

    Well done Becca – you look amazing! He is beautiful and looks very like Thomas! Keep cool!! Love Ian and Soph xx

  16. Kirt says:

    Welsh Becky says her mouse is broken, preventing her from looking at pictures of the new mouse. Ahem. Anyhoo, peas in a pod spring to mind. Very cute family portrait of you all. Hope you’re all getting along and adjusting to yet another new routine. When are you home?

    Kirt xxx

  17. Lucy Glen says:

    Well done Becca!!! How gorgeous is Evan – just so ‘adorable’ as I’m sure all the Americans are saying!! I think he looks alot like you. The snaps of you all together are wonderful and have put a huge smile on my face. Lots and lots of love to you all. Lucy, Trav & Summer x x x x

  18. Katherine FitzGerald says:

    Congratulations on the arrival of Evan – he’s gorgeous! Fingers crossed all goes well in Chicago and the proton machine gets fixed in Oklahoma asap! xxx

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