Ted is 34 today!

I thought his friends in sunny (for a change) UK should hijack this blog for a day to send him Birthday wishes!

We’re all delighted to see Thomas and Becca doing so well – so I guess 1 day in 6 weeks can be (semi)devoted to him!

We know the US postal service is particularly poor – so (for the record) we all sent cards, however fear that many may have gone astray!??!? Never fear WordPress is here!

Happy Birthday Mate,

From Everyone in Blighty

(Hijacked by Dan)


About thomasgwynadams

Thomas Adams was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumour called an anaplastic ependymoma. This blog tells his ongoing story and struggle against cancer.
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25 Responses to HAPPY BIRTHDAY TED!

  1. Sarah Perry says:

    Yey! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tedward, lots of love sssssssssarah xx

  2. Jill Cooper says:

    Happy Birthday Ted! Hope you have some cake and candles today amongst everything else going on. Good to see a photo of Thomas and Becca, even windswept.
    Thinking of you all and sending very best wishes

  3. kate says:

    Happy Birthday Buddy. Hope you’re doing something to celebrate xxx

  4. Claire Comerford says:

    Happy Birthday ted xxx

  5. Sophia nelson says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Te—eeed, Happy birthday toooo yoooooou! Lots of love from Ian and Soph xxx

  6. Mickey says:

    Dear Ted — A very Happy Birthday!

    I’m sure that our card will have arrived and although it may bear Kitten’s handwiritng which will may make you unreasonably suspicious that I was neither initiator or in anyway involved, put those shameful thoughts to one side!

    So here is an Oklohoma joke

    What does a Oklahoma graduate and a tornado have in common?”

    A. They both will end up in a trailer park.

    Not so good but anyway hope you have a good day and look forward to seeing you in a week’s time

  7. carole cox says:

    well done for the blog hijack!! how clever is that ?
    Happy returns dearest Ted Adams..may the next 12 months be less fraught with problems and be full of happiness for you all. with much love from Carole and Ted

  8. Pots says:

    Happy Birthday Ted!! Hope you have time for a little b’day celebration. Glad the stuff arrived in one piece and it helped.
    Thinking of you all endlessly. Take care. Love, as always Pots, Damo and the kids
    ps A new Penrhos playmate for Thomas and your next addition….Sara had a little boy, Samuel, on Saturday!

  9. Gillian, Chris and Hannah says:

    Happy Birthday Ted, glad that all going well out there for you all. Best wishes to you all especially to you Becca in the next few days! Our little arrival came yesterday (sorry ..couldn’t hold out for the 14th Ted!)- William James. All 4 of us send our love and ongoing support x Gillian,Chris. Hannah and William xxxx

  10. Victoria Wright says:

    Dear Ted,
    Happy Birthday! We really hope you’re having a good day and have a chance to celebrate. Lots of love from the Toronto clan! xxx

  11. ros hornak says:

    Happy Birthday Ted! We haven’t met, I’m a friend of kitten’s and have been following your journey, can’t tell you how impressed I am by your strength and determination, you are such a marvellous family, best best of luck, and big kiss to little Thomas

  12. Uncle nick and auntie sarah and cousin ollie says:

    Happy birthday Ted ! It seems that there’s a lot of ladies that have remembered your birthday , so either women are the more thoughtful and caring sex or you’ve still got the magic at 34 ! As it’s your birthday we’ll say it’s the latter. Hope the tornados stay away as a birthday treat. Love to you all , missing you guys down in Cornwall on the family holiday that we would all have shared together. It’s lovely here so Ollie will have to show Thomas all the boats, tractors and cows next time and we can show you the pubs.

  13. KJ says:

    Many Happy Returns! Can’t believe you are sooooo old?! Hope you are making the most of your birthday (as best you can) and eating lots of cake. Love all the updates and sending all the Adams’ big kisses.

    KJ xxxx

  14. Linsey garnett says:

    Happy birthday ted x

  15. Liz Mercer says:

    Hey Ted
    Happy Birthday
    Hope you are having a lovely day with your family around you.
    All the best
    Liz Kingston x

  16. sharon melmore says:

    Happy birthday Ted x

  17. Rachel Hughes says:

    Happy birthday Ted xx cake doesn’t travel well so will have to make one when you get back!

    Love Rach, Danny and Chloe

  18. Gillian, Chris and Hannah says:

    Happy Birthday Ted, glad that all seems to be going well. Lots of love too to Becca for the next few days/weeks. Our little arrival was Monday (13th..sorry Ted couldn’t hold out for the 14th!)…William James Brearton. All 4 of use send our ongoing support and love. Gillian, Chris, Hannah and William xxxx

  19. Hussain Kazi says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! (loud baritone voice) Huzz, Vic & Annabelle xxx

  20. Anna lodge says:

    Happy birthday ted!!!! Loads of love Anna sam and pops xxxxx

  21. Ed Yates says:

    Hi Mate,

    Happy birthday.

    Love to you all. Thinking about you.

    Ed and Jo xx

  22. Maud van de Venne says:

    Happy B’day Ted!!! maud xxx

  23. Annie Atkins says:

    Wishing you a very happy birthday xx

  24. Jems says:

    Dearest Ted

    Wishing you a very belated birthday. Thinking of you all and keeping everything crossed. Lovely to see the pic of Thomas and Becca. Love to you all, as always, Jems, Huw, Oliver and Rupert xXx

  25. Andrea Pilkington says:

    Happy belated bday!! Andre axx

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