Treatment has started

Hooray, we finally got going on Thomas’s treatment yesterday, and he is currently under anaesthetic for his second lot as I write. All is well, although we did have a rather grumpy Thomas all afternoon yesterday.We were a couple of hours late starting treatment today,as the machine wasn’t working ( a not infrequent occurence we have been told), so we have been trying desperately to keep a hungry and thirsty toddler distracted (he hadn’t had anything since 7pm last night and it is now 12.30pm). Hoping to keep the food intake up as much as we can through all this, but luckily I think Thomas has got some reserve on him….
We also moved into a house yesterday to give us a bit more room for when grannies and babies arrive. Huge fridge, backyard and a double garage, we are swiftly becoming the all american family.


About thomasgwynadams

Thomas Adams was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumour called an anaplastic ependymoma. This blog tells his ongoing story and struggle against cancer.
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9 Responses to Treatment has started

  1. Kirsty says:

    Glad to hear you’re settling in, and that the treatment has started. Thinking of you all.

  2. Chris says:

    We are sat in alma de Cuba enjoying the meal we won the other weekend at the auction. Gilly is driving so I’ve sorted the bottle of wine, but it wasn’t in a brown paper bag. I am disapointed.
    Remember that we are all thinking of you and Hope that the American gas board is up to scratch.
    Gilly ordered pudding with fireworks in. I am not joking.
    Hope the bump behaves.
    Chris and Gilly

  3. Anna-Louise says:

    Great news!! Hope today’s treatment goes well. Glad to hear you have got into your house and can feel a little more settled. lots of love Anna & Geoff xx

  4. Annie Atkins says:

    Truly extraordinary where life leads. A kiss for the little man and then if you could kindly ask him (amongst all his treatments etc.) to give Mummy & Daddy a kiss in return. In our thoughts always.

    (Becca when you have a mo’ – can you give us a brief update on yourself and the new baby, will you have it at the same hospital as Thomas is visiting, have you met the midwives etc. Thanks lov xx)

  5. G.Grandmother.Joyce says:

    Oh good !’m so glad you have made yourselves comfortable. every little helps! when the going is tough

  6. Lesley Dunt says:

    Dear Ted, Becca and Thomas
    Peter and I are thinking of you all and just pray for Thomas’ complete recovery and for your good health and strength Becca over the coming event, and for Ted, coping with the both ! We are signed in for news on the web and also via Sarah and Dan of course. Best wishes xx

  7. Lucy Brown says:

    Glad to hear treatment is underway, we are all thinking of you and smiling at your perceptive “American lifestyle” stories. Loads of love Lucy, Nick, Paddy and George x

  8. Antony and Anne says:

    wonderful that it is underway at last. Still thinking of you all lots. Keep us informed.

    love Antony and Anne xxs

  9. Caroline and Ren says:

    Great to hear things are going to plan with Thomas’ treatment. Thinking of you all, lots of love,

    C+R xxxxx

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