The liquor store

Just one more doctor’s appointment today for us. This time the paediatrician (pediatrician!) With nothing major to report after this the 3 of us went to somewhere called McAlister’s deli for lunch, basically a glorified sandwich shop it did do normal sized portions of healthy food, so may well become a favourite! Then we snuck around the corner to…….the liquor store! Thomas was banned from even crossing the threshold. Inside was really pleasant with a helpful gentleman who pointed me towards a good Zinfandel and a bottle of gin! Then the best bit of the whole experience was the bottles being put into brown paper bags in true contraband style. It may be more straight forward to buy a gun, buts that for next week at the gun show!


About thomasgwynadams

Thomas Adams was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumour called an anaplastic ependymoma. This blog tells his ongoing story and struggle against cancer.
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7 Responses to The liquor store

  1. Mark CJ says:

    It’s supposed to be in aid of therapy not a travelogue/vacation!
    Glad to hear its not all sterile and clinically based!!!
    Thinking of you – mark and karen

  2. Mark CJ says:

    And you made front page of the Echo as Clint Eastwood!!! Well done Tom.

  3. Fiona says:

    Keep safe (tornadoes hit UK news yesterday), keep merry (gin & zinfandel) & most of all have fun Thomas (in between the tough stuff)…..there will be a book or film at the end of all this Ted, so hone your literary skills.
    Much love F xxx

  4. David and Catrin Reade says:

    Hi Ted. Just wanted to say we’re thinking of you all so far away. Good to see some of that Adam’s humour showing through inspite of everything you’ve faced. X

  5. claire vardy-white says:

    Well that all sounds marty fine, dont you get cotton pickin drunken tho

    best wishes

  6. Robs says:

    a whole bottle of gin??? Poor Becca! Enjoy though, you deserve it.
    huge hugs and lots of love from us xxxx

  7. Lisa Chaney says:

    Wow, Becca, you are all leading an extraordinary surreal life arent you. And all reported with such fortitude and the brilliant undertone of English humour. Then there’ll be a baby, too. What events. Amazing! But you never were someone who did things by halves, right from when you were a tiny little girl in Florence.
    Your lovely boy always gives the feeling of such stoicism and good cheer.

    With much love and thinkin of you lots and lots

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