More tornadoes


We made a rather sharp exit from the hotel yesterday afternoon to the nearby safety of the proton centre just as the tornado sirens started! It really was just like a film, the radio went off and started broadcasting an automatic message, the traffic lights flashed red and there was a palpable sense of alarm. We spent 2 hours sheltering before the all clear was given. In the end the actual “twisting” centre passed by about 8 miles away leaving some serious damage and loss of life. It felt like a relatively close shave. Back to why we’re actually in tornado alley! We got good news yesterday that Thomas’ cancer has not returned on yesterday’s ct scan, so we aim to start treatment next week. We are so relieved that it hasn’t come back and that we avoided a tornado too! This picture is us all sheltering in the proton centre treatment room!


About thomasgwynadams

Thomas Adams was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumour called an anaplastic ependymoma. This blog tells his ongoing story and struggle against cancer.
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14 Responses to More tornadoes

  1. Claire Comerford says:

    Great news about Thomas a bit worrying about all these tornados but at least you have the best shelter in town xxxx
    Thinking of you all always much lovexxxx

  2. Clare Richards says:

    Wow it’s all go – great news on both fronts, tornado avoidance and lack of return and I hope everything continues to be as positive for all of you. Much love as always x

  3. Anna-Louise Nichols says:

    Glad you are ok. Was thinking of you all as I was watching the news. lots of love Anna & Geoff xx

  4. Sophia Nelson says:

    fantastic news about the scan – brilliant!! not so good about the tornado stuff though – stay safe! Love Ian and Soph xx

  5. Jill Cooper says:

    You Adamses don’t do thinkgs by halves do you? Very glad to hear you have somewhere safe to shelter though.
    And good news about the tumour. Hope the treatment gets underway soon and goes smoothly.

  6. Anna lodge says:

    Wonderful news! So pleased to hear about the t’s scan and so pleased you’re all ok! Gosh! I Can’t believe it all! sending you a our love, xxxxxx p.s pops was asking for Thomas and Becca all afternoon today!!! Xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Rachie says:

    So relieved as well about TT’s scan. The Proton room looks like a space shuttle.
    Love you.xoxo

  8. Catherine says:

    Wow – such amazing news about Thomas’ scan!!! (Tornado dodging pretty impressive too…). So, so pleased you can move forward with the treatment – what a weight of your minds. I’m sure there’ll be an awful lot of people breathing a huge sigh of relief with you today. Thinking of you all loads. Also hoping you’re feeling ok Becca and not too exhausted with all the drama in your heavily pregnant state?!
    Lots of love to you all
    Catherine, Ilyas & Oskar xxx

  9. Toria W says:

    Wow – glad you have a safe place to shelter from the tornadoes – must be terrifying! Excellent news about the scan results.
    Stay safe and lots of love xxxx

  10. Maureen Lucas says:

    Glad to hear you are all OK and that you dodged the tornado. Good news about Thomas. Hope everything goes well. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. Ed says:

    Hi Ted, Becca and Thomas

    Great to hear that you avoided the tornado!!!! Great knews that the scan is clear and treatment can now start.

    Thinking about you all.

    Ed and Jo xxx

  12. KJ says:

    Hi Guys
    So pleased the scan was ok – i imagine that was a big relief after all the delays. Can’t believe you’ve found yourselves in the middle of tornado alley! Have they found you an apartment yet?

    KJ xx

  13. Liz Anderson says:

    Great news about the scan result – really really great. I’m sorry you’re dealing with wild natural phenomena as well – what a pain! How are you doing for places to entertain Thomas when he’s not at the hospital? Do you need any toys etc? Can we research play places or are the hospital good at providing this info I wonder?
    Thinking of you all very much.
    Love Liz xxx

  14. Antony and Anne says:

    many many congratulations on the arrival of a lovely big boy. so glad all went well for you both. Wonder what Thomas is going to say about his new brother. We await more news with great interest.

    lots of love Antony and Anne xsx

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