We’re going…..!

We got the go ahead this morning. We’re so relieved, if a little daunted, about the trip and the treatment, not to mention the baby! So begins frantic packing – what exactly do you take for 2 month stay which includes having a baby…..?


About thomasgwynadams

Thomas Adams was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumour called an anaplastic ependymoma. This blog tells his ongoing story and struggle against cancer.
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37 Responses to We’re going…..!

  1. Claire Comerford says:

    Wonderful news wonderful wonderful!!!!!!!

  2. Lisa Stone and Family says:

    Fantastic news! Finally!

  3. Vicky says:

    Great news! Everyone at Whiston thinking of you and sending all their best wishes and prayers.
    Vicky x

  4. Aynsley says:

    Ted and becca, our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time. So sorry to hear about thomas, I am sure it will all work out. Congratulations on the news of becomming parents again. Thinking of you all

    aynsley, ste and girls XXXXXXX

  5. Mark and Josie says:

    Brilliant news – and brilliant treatment ..Mark met someone who had had proton treatment and all is well six years afterwards…..so good luck to Thomas and the new Adams baby when he/she arrrives !!! LOTS of love to you all

  6. Lucy Brown says:

    Yipee, at last!
    Have a safe journey
    Love Lucy x

  7. maggie sage says:

    What a relief …. our love to you the three of you – and prayers, of course!

    The Sage’s

  8. Rachel T-G (Cacca) says:

    Sis and Ted what great news!!!!Does that mean Jemima gets to be American?!
    Love you and will call you tomorrow xoxo…we will be travelling to America on the same day! x

  9. phil stanley says:

    this is terrific news and verybest to you all xphil and mart stanley

  10. Mike Daly says:

    Awesome news ! Will hopefully hear all the details from Rachel soon. Thinking of you all. Safe trip !!

  11. Tamsin Davies says:

    Thats fantastic news. Wishing you all the best on this stage of the journey. thinking of you all.
    Tamsin x

  12. Sophia Nelson says:

    Exellent news! About time too! I think America has shops, so if you forget to pack something, you can buy it out there!! xxxxx

  13. Sam Gough says:

    Becca & Ted – most excellent news! The 4 of you are in my thoughts & prayers everyday, and I have everything crossed for you. Hopefully I’ll see you all in the near future!

    (Almost) Uncle Sam x

  14. Hilary Grundy says:

    Fantastic! We will all be thinking of you.
    Hilary Grundy and famaily

  15. Annie Atkins says:

    The most brilliant news – but must be so extraordinary for all of you. Stanley sends a cheery wave and bye bye, Annie & Stanley xx

  16. Lynn Kelly says:

    Fab news! I’m sure your lovely smiley boy will take it all in his stride! Good luck with everything.
    Lots of love Lynn (Water Babies) xxx

  17. Dan Vernon says:

    Great News – we will all be thinking of you

  18. Toria W says:

    Great news! I check your website everyday for news and thinking of you all lots.
    Much love to you all
    Toria xxxx

  19. Sophie says:

    This is brillinat news – have a safe journey. x

  20. James Cohen says:

    Fantastic news. Have a safe journey and thinking of you all.


  21. Liz Kingston says:

    Now I can go to my night shift feeling very cheerful. Best wishes for a safe journey, and a safe arrival too for your new baby.

  22. Rachel roberts says:

    Great news, good luck to you all and hope everything goes well with the new arrival, we’ll all be thinking of you back here in sunny UK xxx

  23. Victoria Wright says:

    Wow! That is brilliant news. Good luck with everything! Vxxx

  24. Clare Richards says:

    What fantastic news. Can’t help on the packing ideas I’m afraid!! Bon voyage and fingers crossed for everything and everyone, including the new arrival, while you are out there. Thinking of you always – much love x

  25. Sam Nicholas says:

    That’s great news Adamses, we’ll be praying that all goes well in the next few months and look forward to meeting the little one when you’re back.
    Lots of love
    Mark, Sam and Benjy Xx

  26. carole cox says:

    I wish you all the luck in the world, good travelling and the strength to get through the next few months ..I am sure you will be suprised at how well you cope but it will certainly be a “journey”..Ted and I both send you both our love and prayers…Carole x

  27. Claire Comerford says:

    This is fantastic news we all think of u all the time sending all our love to you all and our prayers.

    Lots of love all at GU med xxxxxx

  28. Beccy Vinter says:

    Brilliant news. Fantastic! Look forward to hearing more good news in the next couple of months. Hope all goes well. Beccy x

  29. Hannah Erlichman says:

    Fantastic news! Mucha suerte. xx

  30. Katherine FitzGerald says:

    This is fantastic news – i’m so pleased! Wishing you all lots of luck in the US.

    Thinking of you xxx

  31. Louise Whereat says:

    Fantastic news guys! So so pleased for you all. We’ll be thinking of you. Lou & Adam.xxx

  32. Jill Cooper says:

    Fantastic news at last. You are all in my thoughts and I look forward to hearing more about your experiences, including the arrival of Jemima.
    Much love, Jillx

  33. Kate yarrow says:

    Most excellent news at last!My thoughts are with all of you. Lots of love & luck to Thomas, and good luck both of you with the new arrival. Big big love kate xxx

  34. Jane says:

    Ahh I am so pleased that you are going! I hope and pray that it all goes very well for the four of you! Take care and lots of love Jane xx

  35. Helen Moore says:

    Fab news! Masses of luck, will be thinking of you and brave Thomas! Lots of love Helen & Rich xxx

  36. Jody ward says:

    That’s wonderful news , we ‘re so pleased for you . Good luck to you all xxx

  37. Katie, Joe and Isabella Joseph says:

    Fab news Becca and Ted! Sure it must be very daunting knowing that you are going to be having the baby in the USA Becca…. but you know how much the Americans love the English…. so they will doubtless treat you like royalty! Milk that english accent for all its worth i say!
    I have been a busy bee today printing lots of posters for the auction on 5th June and there wont be a shop in the local area without a poster in their window if i have my way in the next 24 hours!
    Sending you all lots of love

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