Half (well lets say a third) of the answer

We’ve had half the answer. Becca can deliver in the United States and Liverpool Primary Care trust will pick up the cost – well sort of anyway! They’ll actually pay NHS rates for it, which by our calculations works out as about a quarter of the cost we’re likely to be charged. So we’re going to be spending a bit of time now on the phone with OB/gyn  centres now bargaining them down and also raiding our piggy bank! We’re still waiting for the go-ahead about Thomas…..

Also a big thank you to everyone who has said that they’ll do a run in aid of Thomas. We’ve got runners in York and Liverpool. We’ll be at the finish line in Liverpool with an isotonic drink (or perhaps a venflon and some normal saline!)


About thomasgwynadams

Thomas Adams was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumour called an anaplastic ependymoma. This blog tells his ongoing story and struggle against cancer.
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7 Responses to Half (well lets say a third) of the answer

  1. Victoria Wright says:

    That’s great news! Keeping fingers crossed for the go ahead with Thomas. Will be thinking of you all and everyone running on the weekend. I would join them if I was in the UK but maybe I can do something when we return. Lots of love Victoria xxx

  2. Flora Roberts says:

    Dear Rachel,
    Great news! Let’s hope this step forward helps the other pieces of the puzzle fall into place soon.
    Here are a couple of thoughts triggered by my experience of giving birth in the US (email me at flora dot roberts at gmail dot com if you’d like more details): it’s possible that if Jemima is born in the US (and therefore entitled to US citizenship), she would be entitled to reduced cost/free health insurance that could go towards the costs of her delivery & postpartum care. This was the case for us, in Illinois, but it varies state to state, so perhaps look into http://www.floridakidcare.org/
    Also, I don’t know how long you might plan to be in the US after Jemima’s birth, but I do recommend applying for her birth certificate and passport as soon as possible – and if timing is an issue – it may well be that a US passport is easier to expedite and quicker. We were surprised at long it took us to get hold of a birth certificate (without which we could not apply for a passport) – about 6 weeks (but that’s Chicago bureaucracy for you… I trust Florida is more efficient)
    kisses to Thomas & to you

  3. Chris says:

    Hartmanns would be better, for grassman you will also need oxygen and an ambulance. Good luck with the yanks, really glad you can be over there. What does your MP think about the partial payment?? Thinking about you all, Chris.

    • Grassmann says:

      That is very encouraging news, guys! Oi, Brearton, I saw that comment. I recommend that I weigh in before and after the run. I shall remain nil by mouth for the run and then we get folks to sponsor me per milliliter of sweat lost. Hartmanns is all wrong though. I recommend an equivalent replacement of any alcoholic beverage. For those at the finish line… Sensitive individuals BEWARE. It will not be a pretty sight. I will not be requiring the ambulance or O2 tho!!!At least I hope not….

  4. Claire Comerford says:

    Great news Xxx we all at work where talking of you yesterday all sending our love and prayers xxxx

  5. claire stewart says:

    Thats brilliant news for you all.
    I’d also offer to run but you would need more than just some saline to help me to recover so will stick to sponsoring!!!
    Fingers crossed on the haggling

  6. G.G.Joyce says:

    Dear Ted and Bekka At last I have found Thomas’s site….. Sal has given me the wrong address at least three times however today she produced enough for google to find it

    Great to hear that some things are as good as they can be for Thomas
    I well remember our discovery of the liquor store all those years ago when we moved to Charlotte. I found a city newspaper which told me that the hospital was not in the storm path. I found this while for your site and not finding it. Wallmart did not exist then, but other similar places did.

    Lots of love Gangy

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