Waiting for the go-ahead

Thomas – is doing really well. He had his line flushed today and then went to nursery for a few hours to see his old nursery friends. He’s come back looking happy and tired!

Becca & Ted – we are waiting for more news. The application for proton therapy is at the Department of Health awaiting a decision. Liverpool Primary Care Trust has had the letters about Becca delivering in the US and is considering them. We’re in a waiting game and we’re struggling to focus on anything at all let alone sleep at night…..!


About thomasgwynadams

Thomas Adams was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumour called an anaplastic ependymoma. This blog tells his ongoing story and struggle against cancer.
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7 Responses to Waiting for the go-ahead

  1. Annie Atkins says:

    Loving his big smile – happy happy boy xx

  2. Uncle nick and auntie sarah and cousin ollie says:

    Awww, loving the little man’s grin!
    Fingers , toes and everything crossed.
    You might have an American baby!
    Yeeee hahhhh

  3. Aunty Cacca says:

    Thinking of you Sis, Ted and Thomas. I might be able to come out and help in the US, so bear that in mind. xxx

  4. Clare Richards says:

    Been keeping up-to-date on everything and thinking of you all daily.

    What a lovely photo – so good to see him doing so well and even enjoying nursery! Got everything crossed that you get good news soon about the USA.

    Big big love and hugs to all of you
    Clarey xx

  5. Claire says:

    Thomas is looking fab, never a sad face on here always a great big grin.
    Fingers are crossed for the next stage
    Claire S

  6. Gillian, Chris and Hannah says:

    Hope that all the right answers come soon so that you can start to prepare for the next few weeks. Thinking of you all. Lots of love Gillian, Chris and Hannah

    PS Hurry up Liverpool PCT!

  7. leonie and gabriel summers says:

    we love the new photo! thomas is so adorable. We are proud to do Race for life for him!Leonie Summers’s page

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