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Getting closer to boarding a plane..

We met with the oncologist today and she seems very positive that Thomas will be approved for¬†treatment in the States.¬† The approval process takes about two weeks so we are in another waiting game. Tentatively we are working on the … Continue reading

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Home! Thomas came home yesterday lunchtime after doing really well. He is a little tired, but pleased to be home.

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Our Klingon!

We’re in the playroom again! Thomas has some swelling at the front of his head which is normal but it does make look as if he’s got the beginnings of “klingonness.” He’s better again today and hopefully we can think … Continue reading

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Grumpy but ok

Thomas has had a few more hours sleep and is feeling ok. He’s a bit grumpy with everyone. We’re in the playroom which is where we’ll likely spend the next few days!

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Sleeping soundly

For those of us awake at this time of night or if you’re in another time zone, Thomas is sleeping soundly. He’s been a bit sick (on his 4th set of sheets) but that’s Ted’s fault for giving in too … Continue reading

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Out of theatre but sleepy

The T is out of theatre and in his cot on the neuro high dependancy unit. We think all the nastiness is out but need to wait now for confirmation of the next stage.

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Still in theatre

Thomas is still in theatre. Becca has had a sleep and has now resorted to sudoku!

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